Behind the Scenes: Marbella Photo Shoot

See a short video from our summer photo shoot in Marbella which was featured in the October 2018 issue of Society Marbella magazine.
11 October, 2018

What's in a Seam?

A hallmark difference between a Niccolò P. polo shirt and the vast majority of others is that all of our polos are constructed using a flat-felled seam. The image below shows in the inside of our Egyptian Mako polo shirt.
27 September, 2018

Sea Island Cotton: James Bond’s Choice

The character James Bond’s preference for Sea Island cotton is referenced in several of Ian Fleming’s books including Diamonds Are Forever, Dr No, The Man with the Golden Gun and From Russia With Love. While the books mention both shirts and underwear his preference would surely also extend to polo shirts.
27 July, 2018

Travel Sports Training Shoe - Development Process (Part 1)

We have been working on a men's travel sports training shoe for over six months. This is a very exciting project for us solving a real problem for those who won't miss an exercise session while travelling but don't want or like the bulk of traditional training shoes particularly when on short trips (for work or leisure) when light packing is a necessity.
23 May, 2018

Clothing and The Craft Movement

It doesn’t seem that long ago that choice in what we wore was determined by what large retailers decided should be sold based on trend ideas from market forecasters such as WGSN. Before retailers truly became multinational, an enjoyable aspect of travel was the inadvertent (or otherwise) discovery of a small local designer or brand.

11 May, 2018