Niccolò P. t-shirts are designed with the same uncompromising focus on classic design, great materials and superb fit as our polo shirts. So what are the hallmarks that set ours apart from the rest?
Custom Fabrics
We carefully select Pantone® colours (from over 2,300 options) rather than buying stock or surplus fabrics as many others do - this means our suppliers dye to our specifications in exactly the colours we want. 

Classic crew neck t-shirt, supima cotton | Niccolò P.


Contemporary, Tailored Fit 
Together with our factory we developed a more contemporary pattern block for our t-shirts: the result is a tailored fit which is neither too loose nor overly slim. Our crew neck-holes are relatively fitted (to avoid sagging); sleeves have been designed to reach just short of mid-bicep with arm holes which fit comfortably and maintain shape.

Premium Cotton, Perfectly Weighted and Finished
Niccolò P. t-shirts are made using 100% Supima® cotton. We have chosen a mid-weight cotton which is perfect for wear throughout the year. As part of the finishing process, all of our t-shirt fabrics are mercerised. This is a production process which, while adding cost, has substantial benefits including stronger fabric, greater colour fastness (the resistance of a fabric to losing colour through, amongst other things, washing) and a smoother and shinier appearance.

Niccolò P. t-shirts are deliberately logo-free on the outside - we believe quality can, and does, speak for itself. The brand label on the inside of our shirts is sewn to allow the t-shirt to be hung from a hook or peg.
Fabric Colour Cards
We are an online-only brand. We want you to be completely happy when you receive your t-shirt. If you are unsure of making a purchase we can send you a fabric colour card free of charge so that you can see and feel the quality for yourself. See here for further details.
In Short
We have created a crew neck t-shirt with a superior, contemporary fit. We're sure you'll enjoy them as much as we do.

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