Take A More Structured Approach

The Structured Polo Shirt: bespoke-level details added to the finest natural materials together with stand collars which sit perfectly under a jacket. A polo smart enough to take you from relaxed meeting to the rooftop bars of the city and from airport lounge to poolside. A more structured approach awaits >>

The Secret To 90% Fewer Returns?

We take fit seriously. Using a jacket sizing approach all of our polo shirts are carefully made in a single factory eliminating discrepancies across same sizes (common in heritage brands). We also insist on lower manufacturing tolerances: while 5% variance is usual, we aim for half of that. The result of these exacting standards? A beautifully made fit always true to size.

Brand and Craft

Founded in 2018, Niccolò P. is a true direct-to-customer brand. Specialising in polo shirts, we sell only online at niccolo-p.com and on select international partner platforms. This means we operate without the cost structures of traditional retail and larger direct-to-customer brands such as physical stores, head offices, buying teams and so on. As a result, Niccolò P. is able to offer a unique refined product, superior customer service with faster free delivery times at a price 30-40% better year-round than comparable heritage brands.  Read more.