Sustainability & Transparency 

Our Mission

Niccolò P. launched in 2018 with a mission to re-interpret classic menswear for the smaller but better wardrobes of the future. We use only the highest quality natural materials all produced responsibly in Europe. The fine cottons used in our polo shirts and t-shirts are knitted in Italy and later sewn in Portugal.


Supplier Transparency

Unlike most heritage brands, we provide full transparency on our suppliers (see the list here). Niccolò P. sources and manufactures exclusively in Europe using niche, mainly family-owned, highly skilled producers. We visit them regularly to help build personal relationships with the owners. This 'hands-on' approach (including formal compliance checks) ensures our factories operate to the highest industry standards. This is a commitment to transparency which allows you, our customer, to see exactly where in Europe the items you own are made.


Small Batch Production

Niccolò P. makes in relatively small batches of 100-200 pieces per colour ensuring we are never overstocked. Our range is made up of mostly 'evergreen' items which we sell year after year. As a direct-to-consumer brand selling only online (at and across several multi-brand websites) and, selectively, at pop-up locations and events, we do not run seasonal sales to 'dump' unwanted stock preferring instead to sell slower moving items over a longer period ensuring no waste. 


Better Lasts Longer - Join the Pursuit of Less

We firmly believe that better made products last longer. This is something of a virtuous circle: higher quality materials outlast and look better for longer than lower quality ones - this is especially true in clothing. As a result, we tend to care for those better products more (whether by how we store them or clean them) which improves their longevity even further. Making fewer garments that last longer reduces the impact that the clothing industry has on our world. Join the pursuit of less. 



All orders for polo shirts are sent in complimentary custom gift boxes. These recyclable cartons include a tear strip to open easily with double sided tape added so that the box can be easily re-sealed for returns. Each Niccolò P. garment is packaged in a recyclable clear plastic sleeve. This sleeve has a zip lock seal - perfect to use as a dust bag for storage or while travelling as a shoe bag or for small laundry items. We expect to transition to non-plastic sleeves in the near future when an alternative is available which is robust enough to keep our garments in pristine condition while in storage pending sale.  



Custom Gift Box | Niccolò P.