Although the polo shirt has been a classic menswear garment for over 100 years, we wanted to explore new design features on our structured polo shirts to improve its versatility even further. On our Slate Grey and Cerulean Blue polo shirts, we have added two unique features: the first is a piece of special micro-fibre cloth (shown in white in the image below) sewn under the hem - this cloth can be used to clean (sun)glasses or a mobile phone screen.



The second innovation is a concealed rubber 'grip' on the inside of the placket. Hidden under a piece of fabric between the second and third buttons is a piece of rubber elastic resistant to wear and washing. The arm of folded glasses or sunglasses passes through the rubber grip with the result that they are held firmly in place when the wearer leans forward.



These novel features are part of our process of continuous refinement and because details matter, to you - and to us. Read more about Niccolò P. and our signature structured polo shirts here.