Niccolò P. uses only the finest quality mother-of-pearl for the buttons in its polo shirts. Mother-of-pearl - rather than substantially cheaper plastic or imitation mother-of-pearl (you can always tell the difference as genuine shell feels cold to the touch) - is preferred since it is a sustainably-grown natural material which offers much greater iridescence and longevity. It is luxury you can truly spot from a distance.


Mother-of-pearl Shell


Gritti Group in Northern Italy has been crafting the finest mother-of-pearl buttons for luxury brands all over the world since 1924. Niccolò P. exclusively uses mother-of-pearl buttons from Gritti's 1924 range. The shell for these buttons (scientific name: pinctada maxima) is sustainably farmed in Australia from pearl oysters grown from larvae sourced by Aboriginal Australians. 

Mother-of-pearl offers an unmistakable iridescence which even the best imitation mother-of-pearl can't match. And because mother-of-pearl is a natural material, it is possible to dye the buttons to any Pantone colour specification. This means that Niccolò P. can perfect colour match to its fabrics with no guesswork or close match effort.


Mother-of-Pearl Buttons on Polo Shirt


Lastly, bear in mind that if your polo shirt or shirt maker is using plastic or imitation mother-of-pearl for its buttons, it is likely they are economising just about everywhere on the garment. The Niccolò P. philosophy is to re-interpret classic menswear for the smaller but better wardrobes of the future.  We firmly believe that better made products last longer. This is something of a virtuous circle: higher quality materials outlast and look better for longer than lower quality ones - this is especially true in clothing. As a result, we tend to care for those better products more (whether by how we store them or clean them) which improves their longevity even further. Making fewer garments that last longer reduces the impact that the clothing industry has on our world. Join the pursuit of less.