A hallmark difference between a Niccolò P. polo shirt and the vast majority of others is that all of our shirts are constructed using a flat-felled seam. The image below shows in the inside of our Amalfi Blue polo shirt.  

Flat-felled Seam | Niccolò P.

Compare the flat-felled stitching with the overlock stitch (which has an unfinished appearance) found on most other polos on the market. Though the flat-felled seam takes around 5x longer to finish we chose this technique with our belief in quality and pride in real craftsmanship. The benefits include a definite improvement in comfort particularly with a cleaner fit around the arms. In addition, as the flat-felled seam is an ‘over-engineered’ stitch we can assure you that the fit and shape of our polo shirts will stay as it is, withstanding wash after wash. Because our goal is to make clothes which feel great and are destined to become a reliable staple in your wardrobe.